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Hunger is the best sauce.


Max Ernst. The Lion of Belfort 4, The Lion of Belfort 17, The Lion of Belfort 24, The Court of the Dragon 10, Water 4, The Court of the Dragon 24, Water 5, Oedipus 14, Second Poem Visible 1. Hand-Coloured Collages from A Week of Kindness. 1933.

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The mind of the man who dreams is fully satisfied by what happens to him. The agonizing question of possibility is no longer pertinent. Kill, fly faster, love to your heart’s content. And if you should die, are you not certain of reawaking among the dead? Let yourself be carried along, events will not tolerate your interference. You are nameless. The ease of everything is priceless.

—Andre Breton, Surrealist Manifesto (via kalliope-amorphous)

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Ponder this: our government is systematically collecting vast amounts of data and information on US citizens and foreigners around the world and analyzing it for threats. But it is not systematically collecting or analyzing information of US citizens killed by government authorities and actively blocks citizens who try.

How many of these police killings are there?

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Magic offers the artist a new way of looking at consciousness. If you can manipulate your own consciousness and perhaps that of others, which is surely something that all artists are trying to do whether they are magicians or not, then you will have affected an act of Magic.

—Alan Moore (via magictransistor)